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Spotibot joins forces with SpotiChart

The Spotify world is full of ace third-party apps, sites, & doo-dahs, and one of my favourite is SpotiChart – a neat little twitter/spotify mashup that tracks which tunes/albums/artists/playlists people are twittering about and turns it into an insane number of charts and stats.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that some of those stats are now available as part of Spotibot’s Better Links, giving you an idea of how popular they are – and were – according to SpotiChart’s massive amounts of data.

SpotiChart statistics

It will only appear for tracks and albums that people have been twittering about, and if you’d like some more information click through and have a browse of SpotiChart’s site, and find out how you can get your tweets to count.

Big thanks to Benoit over at SpotiChart for making this possible.

Spotibot nominated in ‘The Spotties’

The Spotify Community Site Awards 2010 (“The Spotties”) have launched over on The Pansentient League today, and Spotibot has been nominated in 4 of the 7 categories!

The Spotties have been created – and supported by Spotify – to highlight the range of fan-made resources now available from Blogs to Playlist Generators.

What’s more, by voting you get the chance to win a three-month premium subscription voucher! Head over to cast your vote now. Obviously, all the support you can give Spotibot is much appreciated 🙂