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Announcing Multi-Artist Playlists

Making playlists based on one particular artist is pretty neat, but what if you’re in the mood for a mix?

Well, you can now add up to four more artists to base your random mix on. Just click ‘Add Another’ on the Playlist page and off you go!

Oh, and to give each of your five artists a fighting chance, the original track limit has almost doubled to 50! Enjoy!

As with all new Spotibot features, I’ll no doubt tweak-and-improve over time, so be sure to post ideas below.

Spotibot joins forces with SpotiChart

The Spotify world is full of ace third-party apps, sites, & doo-dahs, and one of my favourite is SpotiChart – a neat little twitter/spotify mashup that tracks which tunes/albums/artists/playlists people are twittering about and turns it into an insane number of charts and stats.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that some of those stats are now available as part of Spotibot’s Better Links, giving you an idea of how popular they are – and were – according to SpotiChart’s massive amounts of data.

SpotiChart statistics

It will only appear for tracks and albums that people have been twittering about, and if you’d like some more information click through and have a browse of SpotiChart’s site, and find out how you can get your tweets to count.

Big thanks to Benoit over at SpotiChart for making this possible.

Get your Last.fm Loved Tracks into Spotify

Ever since I launched the personalised playlist creation based on Last.fm user data, I’ve had requests from people who want to get all their ‘Loved’ tracks into Spotify.

Happy to oblige!

Simply go to ‘Last.fm Loved Tracks’, enter your Last.fm id, and Spotibot will go and find all the tracks it can in Spotify. You can then drag this into your Play Queue, or a new playlist to save it for the future.

It can be a bit slow if you’ve got loads of loved tracks because otherwise it’d hammer the Spotify server and then not work at all.

I’ve already had a couple of excellent ideas from users which I’m going to implement soon. If you have any ideas or feedback then please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do!

Total Relaunch!

Spotibot has just been relaunched with a complete new look and some new features!

First up we’ve got a Loved Track Playlist Generator, helping you get your Last.fm Loved tracks into Spotify.

There’s improved links pages (which now include more information, URL shortening, and an easy way to share via twitter, facebook etc), cleaner options for generating playlists (as well as an insight into how other people are using it), and a cleaner, easier to use site all round.

I hope you guys enjoy it. I’ll be highlighting a few of the new bits over the next few days, but for now go ahead and explore, and you can leave me some feedback in the comments or via twitter: @asmitter

New Spotibot Blog

Welcome to the new Spotibot blog.

Previously, I’ve quietly added new functionality to Spotibot with perhaps only a cursory tweet to announce it. For most people this means that it’s gone unexplained, or even unnoticed. Did you know Spotibot can generate playlists directly from your browser? Well it can, and has done since the 6th of January.

From now on I’ll be making posts here whenever I add or improve stuff, and perhaps on occasion when I’m looking to bounce ideas or get feedback.

I also encourage you guys to leave comments if you have ideas or questions for me. I shall be keeping an eye.