Better Links: Linking to Specific Track Times

Quick update today…

An old ‘hidden’ trick with Spotify track links is you could link to a specific time in a song by adding ‘#mm:ss‘ to the end of the uri, or ‘%23mm:ss‘ to the end of an HTTP link (mm:ss being minutes and seconds). Adding #3:32 starts the song playing from 3 mins 32 seconds in.

Spotibot’s Better Links now support both of these right in the url! For example, to hear the weird hidden track at the end of the Red Alert soundtrack, go here: (thanks to @scawp for that one!)

The greasemonkey script to automatically redirect Spotify links to Spotibot links already takes this into account – no update needed! If you’re a Firefox or Chrome user who’s not already got it, what are you waiting for?

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#1 Scawp on 03.18.10 at 8:21 am

Would be nice if it also told you the start time next to the track name. And maybe an option to add a comment in the url (…#4:54?Hidden%20Bonus%20Track or even just a personalised message …#4:54?check%20this%20out) that would appear on the redirect page.

El Scawp.

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