Announcing Multi-Artist Playlists

Making playlists based on one particular artist is pretty neat, but what if you’re in the mood for a mix?

Well, you can now add up to four more artists to base your random mix on. Just click ‘Add Another’ on the Playlist page and off you go!

Oh, and to give each of your five artists a fighting chance, the original track limit has almost doubled to 50! Enjoy!

As with all new Spotibot features, I’ll no doubt tweak-and-improve over time, so be sure to post ideas below.

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#1 Lander on 11.08.10 at 9:10 am


Since some artists make very different songs, it would be good to make it possible to just enter a song instead of “only the artist”. I don’t want to mention itunes’ genius, but I think I just did. Haha
So for me it would be great to just enter 5 songs i love at that moment and hear them in a mix of 50. What do you think?

Thanks for all the great music so far!

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